Washington 2006 Meeting


Session 1

Theme: The Politics of Language and the Language of Politics: Practical Issues in Dictionary Production

James Aitken, University of Cambridge, Presiding
David Clines, University of Sheffield, Panelist
Regine Hunziker-Rodewald, University of Berne, Panelist
Anne A. Thompson, University of Cambridge, Panelist
Erik Eynikel, Universiteit Nijmegen, Panelist

Session 2

Theme: “We the people”: Citizenship Terms in the Bible

Bernard Taylor, Loma Linda University, Presiding
Andrew W. Pitts, McMaster Divinity College and Matthew Brook O'Donnell, OpenText.org
Identity-Construction and Paraenesis in 1 Peter: A Semantic Analysis of Communal Terminology
James K. Aitken, University of Cambridge
Civic Administrative Vocabulary in the Septuagint
Ellen J. van Wolde, Tilburg University
Language of Sentiment
Elitzur Bar-Asher, Harvard University
An Explanation of the Etiology of the Name Ammon in Genesis 19, Based on Evidence from Nabataean Aramaic and the Safaitic Arabian Dialect
John Ahn, Yale University
The Particle na’