San Diego 2007 Meeting


Session 1

Theme: Issues in Lexicography: Evidence from Later Sources

James Aitken, University of Cambridge, Presiding
Greek Lexicography
Julia Krivoruchko, University of Cambridge
Judeo-Greek Biblical Glossaries as Lexicographical Sources
Albert Pietersma, University of Toronto
Context is King in Lexicography - Or is It?
John A. L. Lee, Macquarie University-Sydney
The First Lexicon of the New Testament (1514): Sources and Methodology
Bernard A. Taylor, Loma Linda University
Headwords Redivivus: Why They Matter
Hebrew Lexicography
David A. Lambert, Emory University
The Semantics of Voluntarism at Qumran and in the Bible
Al Wolters, Redeemer University College
The Meaning of Tsanterot (Zechariah 4:12)

Session 2

Theme: Semantic Domains and Lexicography

Erik Eynikel, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Presiding
A. Dean Forbes, Palo Alto, CA
Semantic Roles in Biblical Hebrew: "When to Split and When to Quit"
Sean A. Adams, McMaster Divinity College
Barr, Lexicography, and Semantic Domains: Some Issues and Refinement of Semantic Domain Theory for the Development of Lexicons
Randall Buth, Biblical Language Center, Jerusalem and Sharon Alley, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lexicography of the First Century, Two approaches to a Semantic Domain
Alexandra Anne Thompson, University of Cambridge
Response from a Fifth-Fourth Century BCE Perspective
David E. S. Stein, Redondo Beach, CA
The Noun 'ish in Biblical Hebrew: A Term of Affiliation
Aaron Koller, Yeshiva University
Lexicography of Realia: Two Examples from the Semantic Field of Blades