Boston 2008 Meeting


Session 1

Theme: The Book of Judges: Lexical Issues

James Aitken, University of Cambridge, Presiding
Paul Nikkel, University of Sheffield
Sound Judgement: Examining Patterns and Trends in the Song of Deborah's Military Vocabulary
Tzvi Novick, University of Notre Dame
Judges 11:20 and the Semantics of Assent
Lara Zee-Hanssen, Radboud University of Nijmegen
The Use of the Words Laqakh and Bayth in Judges 17–18
Jin H. Han, New York Theological Seminary
Swinging Sway: King Mocking in Judges 9

Session 2

Theme: Hebrew Lexicography

Regine Hunziker-Rodewald, University of Strasbourg, Presiding
Spencer L. Allen, University of Pennsylvania
Another Persian Word in Ezra 7:13–26?
Al Wolters, Redeemer University College
The Meaning of Peres (Daniel 5:25, 28)
Kenneth C. Way, Talbot School of Theology (Biola University)
Donkey Domain: Zechariah 9:9b and Lexical Semantics
Bennie H. Reynolds III, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lost in Assyria: Geographical Transmogrifications of Aššur in the Hebrew of the Hellenistic Period
John Ahn, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
The Demonstrative Adverb Šm: Where Is “There"?